Projects of detached houses by ARCH INNOVATION GROUP are not only drawings and engineering documents, these are complex solutions for your personal space arrangement. Your home will incorporate your dream, your view of life, your area of coziness and comfort. We do not offer standard solutions, every house design project developed by us is unique.

Sketch Plan (SP):
It is developed on the basis of technical specifications (TS) and technical requirements (TR), takes into account all customer’s requests. It includes the entire set of documents for further approval by respective agencies: general layout, floor plan, 3D photorealistic visualization, major sectional views, land survey, facade finish schedule.

- after layout is approved by the customer, between 1 and 4 weeks.


Working Design (WD):
Set of drawings and documents required for construction.

GL   General Layout: general layout with all pipelines indicated.
AS   Architecture Solutions: detailed floor plans, room-by-room schedule, floor and ceiling sectional views, wall and roof sectional views, development views, specification, and list of materials.
RCS   Reinforced Concrete Structures: foundation plans and sectional views, specifications and list of materials.
PD   Process Designing: floor plans with furniture arrangement, furniture and equipment arrangement, layout of illumination devices, sockets, layout of heating and control devices.
MS   Metal Structures: technical specification of metal, layout, principal dimensions, layout of nodes.
HV   Heating and Ventilation: engineering design, heating appliance and under floor heating installation chart, specification, check list.
WSS   Water Supply and Sewage: layout designs and plans of devices, specifications and check lists.

- between 2 and 10 weeks (depending on complexity)

You can also order designer’s and engineering supervision over the construction. This will help you avoid mistakes and save funds, accelerate implementation of your ideas and maintain your peace of mind. Trust the professionals.

Interior Design.

Before commencement of construction works, you can evaluate your future interior and receive your design in a form of an album with 3D photorealistic visualizations and a pack of drawings.

Composition of design – project:
1. Measuring premises with utility lines siting.
2. Possible variants of layout (up to 3 solutions).
3. Selecting style and colour schemes (up to 3 variants).
4. Flooring dismantling plan.
5. Floor layout with floor covering arrangement.
6. Ceiling layout indicating the materials.
7. Illumination device configuration diagram.
8. Illumination on and off scenario diagram.
9. Socket layout indicating heights.
10. Principal ceiling attachment fittings.
11. Under floor heating arrangement layout.
12. Doorway arrangement layout.
13. Air-conditioning layout.
14. Plumbing fixture layout.
15. Wall elevation for all premises with detailed sectional views and specification.
16. Furniture specification indicating possible places where it can be purchased.
17. Electric and illumination equipment specification.
18. Photorealistic visualization in 3D Max program.

- between 2 and 8 weeks.

Furthermore, you can order designer’s and engineering supervision over construction and repairing operations. Professional supervision will ensure quality and high rate of implementation.